SI Diagnostics is offering two types of rapid COVID-19 at-home tests.

Saliva Antigen Test


Do you have symptoms of infection, just want to rule out or know for sure if you are infected with the Coronavirus perform the saliva antigen test. Using Saliva is easy and painless and does not cause any discomfort.

Because you can quickly do a self-test, you do not need to go into quarantine unnecessarily if you test negative.

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6 - 10 21,38
11 - 15 20,25
16 - 20 19,13
21 + 18,00

FAST – Result in 15-20 minutes

EASY – Perform at home, school, work or anywhere

RELIABLE – >96% reliability when tested negative

APPROVED – Tests are CE certified and are approved for the European market

Gene Science Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) antigen detection rapid home-test

AG Gene Science
Single dose package or box of 50 pieces

This Antigen test is very reliable, namely >95% for Sensitivity (the percentage of true positive results among COVID-19 positive subjects) and 99% Specificity (the percentage of true negative test results among COVID-19 negative individuals).

Saliva Test


Saliva Collection
Before collecting saliva, relax your cheeks and gently massage your cheeks with your fingers for 15-30 seconds to produce saliva. Spit the saliva gently into the funnel until the liquid saliva (without bubbles) reaches the height of the 2.0 ml mark.


Specimen extraction (see Figure 1)

  1. Vertically add 350μL (approximately 7-8 drops) of sample extraction solution into the saliva collection tube..
  2. Insert the swab after sampling into the solution in the sample extraction tube, and squeeze the swab in the tube about 6 times to make the sample dissolve in the solution as much as possible.
  3. Squeeze the head of the swab along the inner wall of the tube to keep the liquid in the tube as much as possible, remove and discard the swab.
  4. Cover the dripper.


Testing procedures (see Figure 2)

  1. Open the aluminum foil bag along the tear opening, take out the test card, and lay it flat.
  2. Add 80μL (about 1~2 drops) of the processed sample extract to the sample hole of the test card or directly add 80μL of the processed virus sampling solution.
  3. Observe the displayed results within 15-20 minutes, and the results displayed after 30 minutes have no clinical significance.


Interpretation of test results (see Figure 3)

Positive: There are clear red bands on the test line (T) and quality control line (C), and it is judged that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) antigen test is positive;

Negative: Only a clear red band appears at the position of the quality control line (C), and it is judged that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) antigen test is negative;

Invalid: There is no red band at the position of the quality control line (C), and the test is invalid regardless of whether there is a red band at the position of the detection line (T).

Note: The color depth of the reaction line is related to the content of the tested substance contained in the extracted sample. Regardless of the color intensity, the result should be determined according to whether the reaction line is colored.

This reagent contains a quality control process. When a red reaction line appears in the C area, it indicates that the operation is correct and effective, otherwise the test is invalid.


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